Sunday, April 22, 2007


"There are many intelligent species in the universe.
They are all owned by cats." ~ Unknown

Those people who do not like cats are well advised to stay away from the Champion household. Not only do we have live ones, we have ceramic cats, pictures of cats, cat candles, cat screen savers, cat muffins tins, even a Hello Kitty toaster! So of course finding cute kitty things on the daily Internet surf is a given.

I collect quotes about cats also, like the quote above by Unknown. Unknown is a very prolific writer with endless subject matter; you see his work everywhere! He has given me many a lovely phrase or odd bit of prose to quote when I am the chairman at church. He has such a gift.

Speaking of gifts, I was viewing the weekly newsletter from SkyBluePink and low and behold, my eyes were gifted with a simple yet elegant rendition of another one of my favorite cat quotes. Click their link above to see it, and check out the rest of their website, the "Land of Cool Collage Stuff."

Who knew that quitting a job could make you more intelligent overnight? Or maybe I feel more intelligent because my brain cells aren't being fried by the Evil One's stare of "How can you be so stupid" that was bored into the back of my head hour after hour, day after day. It was a look similar to the one you received as a child from an older brother or sister who felt that their siblings were maggots beneath their feet. Since my emancipation in mid January I've:
  1. Finished five generations on my family tree (not easy to do when your maternal grandparents were both adopted).
  2. Five generations on my husband's (his family is basically normal structurally- we won't get into personalities though for that's another subject ALTOGETHER!).
  3. Completed the mock up of a purse pattern I've designed.
  4. Learned how to say "NO!" convincingly to the energy vampires in my life.
  5. Completed two of a series of five genealogy classes.
  6. Written the outline of a book I'm planning about the orphan trains of the midwest, research half completed.
  7. Started research for another book.
  8. Managed to do practically NO spring cleaning!
Back to cats. My husband and I had the dream of opening a no-kill shelter for cats about ten years ago (didn't work out, long story) because we were accumulating strays at an alarming rate and could find no one to take them in. Ten years later we have sixteen fewer inmates but an assortment of little white boxes containing the cremains of the darlings who passed on to the great cat box in the sky. Now, here's the whole point of this discussion: what to do with the contents of the boxes?

None of my boys want them, and the threat to bake them into cookies has resulted delightfully
in no one eating at the Champion Inn during the holiday seasons. Of course this spiralled down into what were the boys going to do with MY cremains when that time comes. You KNOW I HAD to bring up the fact that it IS a tradition to serve refreshments after a which point my youngest said "no cookies!" Right on cue my husband and I replied "I know, let's have Shake and Bake."

Did I mention that my kids think that their parents are strange and evil?

Back to the cat cremains. I had the thought of making some jars out of Sculpty, sort of like the Egyptian canopic jars at I've never worked with Sculpty and my first and last attempt at making ceramics ended up exploding in the kiln in fourth grade art class, but since Sculpty doesn't need a kiln...

Well, I have plenty of time to mull this over - none of the cats, alive or dead, are going anywhere, and now I have brain cells to actually think with - and - perchance, to dream and create.

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