Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Allison!

21 Apr 2007 Today I decided to celebrate my granddaughter Allison's birthday by creating this blog. She was six years old this past Wednesday! I remember being six - roller skating on the sidewalks in the summer, running down the block with my dime when I heard the snow cone man's bell, playing jacks on the floor with my mom (she always let me win!), and playing outside - double dutch, Irish jump rope and Chinese jump rope. That was also the year that I began to learn how to do hand embroidery, knit and crochet.

I love it that we are getting back to the needlework that our ancestors did on an everyday basis to keep themselves clothed and their homes looking nice. We are so blessed to live in a time where we can enjoy these arts in our free time instead of fitting them in between cooking, cleaning and gardening without modern appliances.

Allison's mom April sews and hand embroiders, so I hope she will encourage Allison to learn these skills. One Mother's Day April and my son Matt made made me a sweet hand stitched and hand embroidered cloth book which moved me to tears. I am keeping it for Allison in a small chest of things that I plan to give her when she is older as a remembrance of good times, good things, and good thoughts. A box of love, so to speak.

What will this blog contain? Pictures of Allison, of course...and my cats (I have eight). Crochet, knit and embroidery patterns and pictorial feats of skill from other crafty ladies who choose to share. Sewing (I used to be a tailor and had my own business for many years), odd crafts as I find them, and some original designs. And my new love, genealogy, is sure to pop up now and again.

So, Happy Birthday, Allison! Hugs and kisses from Grandma Cathy.......oh, okay, you can ALL have hugs and kisses too!


Marcia said...

She's so pretty! And, she looks so happy on her bike!

April said...

She loves, loves, loves her bike! Did I mention she loves it? :) She has the best of both worlds - Cathy's smile, and my good hair. ;)

Lady Lin said...

Six years old! It seems like yesterday when you told me you were going to be a grandma.

Happy Birthday, Allison! Enjoy being six!

Linda Jesse

Anonymous said...

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