Friday, June 1, 2007

A Scratch is a Scratch

Today I had a car accident on my way to the doctor. I wasn't hurt, and my car only got a couple of scratches on the bumper. I was stopped at a red light with a cab behind me who was also stopped. The Mercedes tooling along behind him didn't see the red light or the cab's red tail lights because she was talking on her Blackberry. So, she hit the cab, who hit me.

The gal gets out of her car (talking on the phone, of course) and asks the cab driver WHY he was stopped in the middle of the street. I guess the recreational drugs kept her from seeing all of the RED LIGHTS - her eyes were so glassy that they looked fake. She called Hubbypoo and got back in her Mercedes. He beat the police there - I guess it was his Land Rover that helped him make such good time.

Hubbypoo proceded to tell the cabby that no police need to be called because the cab company probably won't fix the minor damage, so they should just all "have a nice day" and get back to business (I think he had an appointment at Starbucks for a latte). The poor cabby was a foreigner and didn't know what to do, so I spoke up and told him to call his dispatcher to see what information they needed. Hubbypoo turned around and asked me "what MY involvement was." When I told him his wife caused the cab to hit me, he said I needed to work out that with the cabby. Now I starting to get just a little perturbed. Then he said the wrong thing: he said that MY car was old (it's a 1999), not very expensive (it's a Ford Contour), and that it WASN'T WORTH FIXING! Granted, my bumper did already have a few nicks on it, but they were MY nicks and not dead center!

Now I'm shaking - literally. The cabby asks me if I'm ok. The two freaks just stand there, looking at their Rolexes, impatient to get to those lattes. Then the cop shows up.

The cop procedes to tell the royal couple that neither of "us" will probably get the damage fixed and will probably settle for money rather than call the insurance company. Now I'm really mad. The cabby and I were standing there being completely ignored - where was our advise?

I walked up to the threesome and asked if cabby and I could be included in their conference; I LOVED the looks that got! Hubbypoo asked me if I planned to have my car fixed; I said I didn't know. He said he would give me $100 cash if I just forgot about it. I looked at the cop and said that I would rather not take the $100, that there was something else I would rather have. He asked what. I said I would rather put scratches on the Mercedes and then we would be "even steven". He kinda smirked but Hubbypoo got livid! Wifey just kept talking on the cell.

"A scratch is a scratch", I said. "If the scratches on my car are not worth fixing, why should you get upset if you have scratches on your car?"

The cop backtracked at that point and told us all to call our insurance companies. We left.

When I got home there were EIGHT messages from Wifey to "call her before I call my insurance company". I called HER insurance company - they asked me sweet as pie if I could get a repair estimate, that Hubbypoo wants to give me cash.

So I go get an estimate from a shop near my home. My "scratches" really were "no big deal" - only $500! And oh, the ones that were already on the bumper? They can be fixed for only $135. Somehow that makes me feel justified in taking the money.

Actually, had the gal apologized and acted nicer, I probably would have just told her to forget it and left - I've done that a couple of times in the past for other people. I would like to hope that this situation teaches them to be more respectful of people no matter what they look like or drive. Or where they live. But I doubt it.

Hmm, I wonder if I would have been offered more if I had said that my name was Bunny or Buffy?

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Lily said...

I love this post! Very clever of you when you said that you would rather put scratches on their mercedes than the money. I would love to see their faces when you said that.