Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer woes

Summer is officially here. School is out.

Normally this would not be an especially worrisome time for me - my kids have been out of school for years. All I notice is that we have to be more careful of the neighborhood kiddos on their bikes in the streets (WHERE are their moms?) and less worried about the school bus that ALWAYS shows up when you are running late.

This summer, since I am not working, I am babysitting my step granddaughters. They are thirteen and in the throes of being teens - too old to be babysat, but not personally responsible enough to stay out of trouble. So thus I sit.

I never had daughters, and my one granddaughter is in Minnesota with her mother, so of course I am envisioning lots of fun - sewing, crafts, small excursions, right? Wrong. I am getting the silent treatment.

Because I am the babysitter, and they see themselves as too old for a babysitter, I am the enemy. Now, if they were my blood granddaughters, or even MY daughter's daughters, I would tell them a think or two about being grown up. But since I am the mother-in-law, I keep my mouth shut. I do not want to be labelled as interfering.

Oh, but if I could...

I would tell them how they are enforcing their own jail time.

I would tell them how much fun we could have going to the pool, to the park, to the mall.

I would teach them to sew, crochet or knit; we could make artsy-fartsy purses, pillows, clothes, or just do crafting, as all of those things are my forte.

But no, they sit in their rooms (with the doors closed), or sit in the basement in front of the TV, and leave me alone in the living room or kitchen to amuse myself.

But that's OK. Because today I am using the computer, which THEY are banned from (snicker, snicker).

So I'm working on my blog, I'll do some genealogy, work on my book, maybe play a game or two...

And April, if you read this, I have one Hello Kitty square done for Allison's poncho - and that may be ALL of the Hello Kitties she gets on it too! The pattern is all wrong - the first kitty looked like a pig! But the rest of it will be easily done as I made it before.

More later.

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