Friday, July 6, 2007

It's not always about YOU

I, like many people these days, spend WAY too much time on the computer. I love the instant gratification of learning new things while sitting in my jammies at 2 a.m. because the dog next door has decided to show the neighborhood that he sounds like a pit bull (he's a Taco Bell dog) and I can't sleep. So I read email and blogs and think...ohhh, that's cool, or "I could do THAT", or THANK GOD I use SPELLCHECK on MY blog so that I don't look THAT STUPID!

....You must know that one of my pet peeves is incorrect spelling and incorrect punctuation. I'm not talking about an occassional typo. I'm talking about college graduates who don't know the difference between to, too and two.

My husband used to work for Walgreens - you know that store, I'm sure. If not, just open your front door and look down the street, there is sure to be one on your corner. That's their goal, to be "seen" constantly building new stores; how else can they justify charging your insurance company $10 for a 30 cent pill?

Getting back to my pet peeve...I used to be terrible. I'm not terrible any longer, but I used to be OBNOXIOUS when I saw a sign at a Walgreens that was misspelled or had incorrect punctuation. Walgreens will only hire management trainees who have a college degree; it doesn't have to be a retail or business degree, anything will do so long as you have that paper. You don't even have to know how to spell - obviously.

But I digress...when I would see an incorrect sign I would find the manager and tell him that there was something wrong with it and time just how long it would take before he would admit that he didn't see his error. I told you I was terrible, but...

Come on, how can you even THINK this sign is correct?

I am NOT making this story up - it's true. I would send you over to the store and to verify my tale with that gentleman but he has been promoted to Regional Manager.

Another pet peeve of mine is how people dress for church. I'm from the old school where the boys wore dress pants, a dress shirt, dress shoes, and maybe even a tie. Girls, of course, wore dresses or skirts BELOW THE KNEE, dress shoes and a hat or veil. Now you're lucky if they wash their bare feet before they plop down in a pew (sometimes spelled phew). Yes, I have EXPERIENCED the delight of unwashed, bare feet at my church and let me tell you, even Jesus would think twice before he would touch 'em!

An online group that I belong to has been discussing a dress code for church workers they are revising. Most people "get it" about showing respect for God and those God-loving souls who climb out of their comfy beds at the crack of dawn in order to drag their husbands and kids, kicking and screaming, to church on time: "I had to do this when I was your age, and while you're living in MY house you'll show some respect for God, get dressed, put on a good attitude and get moving before He figures out what your're REALLY like!"


Well, I try not to repond to this particular group due to the fact that NO ONE IN IT HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR. - so of course my witty repartees confuse the poor souls and World War III begins. But...just this once...I couldn't resist and here's part of my response:

Would you wear a bikini to the opera? Cutoffs to a funeral? PJ's to prom?

My OB used to wear golf clothes to his office on Saturdays because he worked a half day and of course he wanted to run out as soon as his last patient was seen. Although he was in a good mood on those days, he would rush through your appointment; those of us who worked during the week and had to see him on Saturdays felt as though we weren't given enough time to have our questions answered, etc.

He had a different attitude on those days - his agenda was not as patient directed on Saturdays, and it was due to his attire - he was "already" at the golf course before he saw one patient.

God doesn't care what we wear, that is true, for he can see into our hearts and knows what we are all about. A newcomer to our church may still feel strange about our church but will not think that we "are" strange if we look as though we take our job of serving spirit seriously.

Sometimes you just have to do the right wearing the flocked chenille bridesmaid dress that your sister picked out instead of showing up as her maid of honor dressed for comfort in capris and a tank top - or not showing up at all, because...

It's not always about YOU.

Should your Internet connection experience a bit of a slowdown, just stay calm and think of me, sitting in my jammies (remember, I'm not working and can stay in MY jammies all day if I like), reading the avalanche of emails telling me that God thinks that I am a smart a%% and not humorous at all...but that's ok, 'cause He's got His jammies on too.

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