Sunday, July 8, 2007

Oh, you doll !

Look closely at the picture to the right . . . It's a fake.

My friend, and former co-worker Marcia, sent it to me and said that it's her daughter, Lily.

But she is lying. That is NOT Lily.

This is Lily:

and this:
No way is she big enough to walk. I remember (just yesterday, I swear) picking her up and rocking her to sleep at work when Marcia would bring her in. I remember her baby toys, and little booties, and seemingly endless bottles making our dreary workplace a place of wonder and excitement - at least for me, a woman whose husband thought he did me a favor by producing three sons. Now understand that I love my boys - I do - but I NEEDED a girl too. Ah well, as my dad used to say "and people in Hell want ice water."
I first met Marcia when I worked at Hancock Fabrics in Kirkwood, MO. She and her friend Jenn came in looking for some "special" fabric - and no one wanted to help them so I was called (I was the assistant manager and was always called for problem customers).

Do these girls look like trouble to you? (That's Marcia on the left):

They were looking for some special fabric for a six bridesmaids dresses they were designing.

Red fabric.

With crosses.

Black crosses.


Actually, I knew exactly what they wanted, showed them a swatch, took their money for twenty-four yards of red satin fabric with black crosses on it; they went away happy, two more satisfied customers.
Advance two years. I'm managing another fabric store (whose name I won't mention because I DON"T want to give them ANY publicity) and in walks Marcia. I needed an employee; she needed a job. 'Nuff said.

Actually, now that I have strolled down Memory Lane, reality has snapped me back and I realize that yes, Lily SHOULD be old enough to be in ballet class. So I look at another picture that Mommy Marcia sent.
Hey Marcia, isn't this the position that Jenn had to get you in when Lily kept lying on your bladder invitro?

Well, all I can say is that Lily is a doll! But then again, so is her mom.

Bye for now.

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Lily said...

The baby and the toddler both are cute. Whether they are fake or not :)
Btw: Its amazing that you are allowed to bring baby to work.