Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally getting back into the swing of things!

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I am cleaning house - not as in the past, like a bat out of hell - but very slowly and mindfully, thinking out WHAT I'm going to do with various objects before I touch them so that I touch each item once to put it where it belongs (trash, storage or in use). I'm learning to save steps and energy, and to not think that I can do the entire house in a day or two as in the past. It's working - my upstairs sewing/craft room has all debris that my kids left thrown away, and I'm moving items from other rooms there so I can sort it all into various drawers and containers. Eventually I'm going to move downstairs to my large basement bedroom for the extra space and light, but it has to be painted first and I'm not up to that challenge!
I've got projects galore swimming in my mind, but also I've been thinking about creating a very peaceful space. I used to listen to Eastern Indian music and chanting, and will probably do some of that, but it's been ages since I've listened to current music and I'm starting to listen to folk music and I'm liking what I hear.
I found the song "Waves" by a group named Grantura ( and it's a definite winner. I found the song at Lisa's blog at where I was greedily snagging her PDF of a handbag...okay, I'll admit it, I downloaded ALL of her PDFs; you can never have enough sewing and craft information. Check out the song and Lisa's site - both will put you in a happy mood.
I'll soon be listing items for sale as I sort through my stash...fabric, sewing and craft books and magazines, some sewing machines, trim and miscellaneous items. I need the cash to pay some bills, plus I'll NEVER in this lifetime use all the supplies I have.
All in all, this past week has shown me a new way of doing things - and it's not so bad. Of course, I'd rather be able to twitch my nose like Samantha from Bewitched and have it done quickly, but in spite of what SOME people may think, I'm NOT a witch!

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Vigdis said...

Hi there!
I only have the pattern for the Baby booties in Danish. I suppose that wouldn't help much.... Love Vigdis from Norway