Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hanging afghans on the wall

I belong to a lot of Yahoo groups for various interests of mine. One of the best groups for crocheters is Crochet Partners. It's a no-nonsense group, completely devoted to the art and pursuit of crochet. There are no maniacal posts of Internet gibberish allowed, no spam, just questions about crochet, links about crochet, where to buy yarn for crochet, free patterns for crochet...well, I think you get the picture. It's one of two groups that I am on where you actually GET what the group says it's about instead of stories about the fight with the boyfriend or ANOTHER recipe for fruitcake (who eats that stuff anyway?). But, I digress...

One of the newest topics was the beautiful Cathedral Afghan pattern, where it's available, and how to hang it as a wall hanging. The list owner gave a good suggestion (you'll just have to go join the group to read what she says and where to buy the pattern!), and I thought I would add my method, but the document I created wouldn't transfer properly, so I'm posting it here. Let me know if you can't interpret my pitiful diagram!


What I've done in the past to hang large items on the wall is to buy 72" wide poly felt for the backing - it's pretty sturdy and won't stretch. Usually one length is enough. Buy a little extra length for the rod pockets.

Lay the felt down and center the afghan. Either hand baste it to the felt (from the center out to prevent shifting and bubbles) or use a quilt baster - you can order them in colors other than red.
When it's secure, carefully trim the sides of the felt so they can't be seen from the front. Turn the piece over and fold the top and bottom of the felt down and pin to form casings (you can cut the extra off). Carefully make your casing by hand with a running stitch (D is the measurement around the curtain rod).

Then use a curtain rod to hang the piece, and put one in the bottom casing for weight, or use a length of chain or a beaded weight.