Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ten Reasons Why I'm Immortal

I have just come to the realization that certain factors in my life have made me immortal.

This will make a lot of people really sad.

First, and foremost, are the "fabric stashers" who all boast that "the one with the most fabric wins" and "I can't die until I've used all my fabric!". Well, people, after being a tailor and dressmaker for over twenty five years and in store management for two different fabric stores, I HAVE THE MOST FABRIC! SO STOP TRYING TO BEAT ME! I WON! I will never be able to use all of the fabric I have in one lifetime, so that's one point for immortality.

Second, I just survived a horrible case of the flu, despite a flu shot and being pretty much home bound. Where did the little bugger sneak in? The doctor wanted me to go to the hospital, but I went home instead - I was too sick to die!

Third, in spite of already having five sergers, a smocking pleater, a blindstitch machine (industrial), two industrial straight stitch and one zigzag industrial (a Bernina, I would have you know, and I got it free!), three computerized machines and about four ho hum student machines, Santa brought me an embroidery machine! Now I have to buy more thread, more stabilizers, more gadgets...

Fourth, there is my genealogy work. Since my father-in-law's passing last month, I have taken on the task of scanning and copying to Cd's four huge boxes of family pictures. Plus what I have from my own family. And I'm still on the hunt for my grandmother's missing brother and sister (she was part of a set of triplets put in an orphanage at birth). And I do a bit of volunteer archiving for a genealogy site.

Fifth, there's my crochet. My mom's collection of books survived the fire, and added to mine gives me three 8x5 bookcases of books, leaflets and patterns! You know that I have to make at least one of something from each book!

Sixth is my granddaughter, Allison, who is seven and I have yet to meet.

Seventh is any future grandchildren who may come along (but time is running out fast for that to happen).

Eighth is something I'm stealing from my husband - "I can't die yet, I have WAY too many people to still irritate!"

Ninth - I still have seven cats (I had twenty-four). It's a rule - you can't die while you still have a cat in the house. It's an old wives' tale from my grandma's days.

And tenth - I can't die EVER because eternity is how long it will take me to return the love and support that my husband has shown me for almost thirty five years, especially since my heart surgery and diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Of course, I am joking. I know that my days were numbered the minute I took my first breath. But now I find that I have so much to do that it would take eternity to finish it all! Especially since some days I can't get out of bed, I have so much pain.....

But it did scare the pants off the fabric stashers when I said that I won!

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