Friday, July 11, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having...Fun?

Where did June go? I totally missed a month without blogging! Either my life is so exciting that I didn't have time (NOT!) or I slept through it (most likely).

Recovery from my back surgery is taking it's toll. I am faithfully doing my walking, but it wipes me out the next day - the doc says it's because of all the ligaments in my back that were calcified are now loose and stretching out. He said: "No pain, no gain." I AM finally losing weight; I'd do a happy dance but I'm afraid it would hurt!

I did finally figure out that I probably need new walking shoes - the ones I have now are from my pre-surgery days. One way of breaking my old way of walking (limping) would be with new shoes...and I HATE shoe shopping! But I must do it, so I guess Monday will be THE DAY.

The happy news since my surgery is that I am completely off my daily pain meds! Now I only take them after my workouts at the gym if I'm really achy. I've had numerous offers from people to "buy" them from me but I ain't going there! God has blessed me abundantly with improved health; I'm not about to break the law and spoil it all!

Speaking of God, I've been very much aware of His presence in my life and see signs of His goodness wherever I look. I don't guess that I'm really done with Catholicism, although I don't attend mass on Sunday. But I find so much inspiration and beauty from the lives of the saints and from Mother Mary that I can't give that up. I was walking at the antique mall yesterday and found a booth that was full of religious medals, prayer cards and miscellany. One card caught my eye:


Mary was:
Pure in body and mind
Thoughtful in speech
Prudent in counsel
Industrious at her work
Reserved in her conversation
Fond of pious reading

There was nothing immodest:
In her walk
In her manner
In her words
In her conversation
In her looks
In her actions

She excelled:
By Faith
By Purity
By Piety
By Silence
She never:
Offended her parents
Despised the humble
Mocked the feeble
Ignored the poor
Her principles were:
To seek God alone
To love solitude
To hurt no-one
To do good to all
To honor the aged

As you know, I'm very into genealogy. You learn a lot about your ancestors when you do this kind of research and in doing so, a lot about yourself. I've been thinking about what my descendants will think about me when I'm gone. Does it matter? I'll be dead. But it matters to me now. I think I want to be a little bit more like Mary. I think I need to work a lot harder on myself spiritually as well as physically.

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