Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Skull Afghan Directions

While my son is not a pirate nor apsires to be one, he does love skulls, so I made him an afghan with a HUGE glow in the dark skull in the center for Christmas.
He loved it. Girlfriend hated it. End of relationship (long story there).
Anyway, everyone's been asking about the pattern for the skull afghan, and a pictue. Of course you KNOW there's no picture, the afghan was finished two days before Christmas and rush shipped out of state! But all is not lost; read on.
The skull afghan is easy if you can crochet from a graph. The most awesome skull graph I found was on a knitting site, Domiknitrix:
Now don't get scared, you CAN use knitting graphs for crochet!

Scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see a picture of a crochet afghan (click on it to make it larger and easier to see) made up from the pattern - it includes directions. It’s pretty self explanatory if you crochet and can follow a chart.

Here's my list of materials:
Bernat Glow In The Dark Yarn (in white, of course!) for the skull (about $4-5/skein in most stores) – I lucked out and got mine on clearance for $1/skein!...or use a white 4 ply acrylic to match the black
Red Heart 4 ply acrylic (in black) for the background and border
Crochet hook, size I
Clothesline rope - the skinny kind from the dollar store

Note: PRESHRINK the rope by soaking it in hot water and letting it air dry or shove it in a pantyhose leg, knot the end and pitch it in the dryer on hot.

I pretty much did the afghan following the directions/outline on Domiknitrix’s page, but I changed the border. You may have to change the hook size depending on how loose/tight you crochet. Sorry that I haven’t included yarn amounts. I started with 17 skeins of the white Bernat and used nearly all of it, and the black was a Red Heart Super Saver so I still have lots of that left. Please note that some of my Bernat yarn was dirty so I had to cut parts out and the kitties stole one skein and wrecked most of that.

Using a smaller hook and sc would produce a smaller and more dense afghan or wall hanging.

Here’s my border:

I did 5 rows of dc in black around the entire thing (remember to do extra sts in the corners – I did 5. Then I took the rope and started weaving it in and out of the middle of the border about every 4 sts (you can do it however you please, even making it uneven, what do pirates care?). Weave the first long side leaving at least 12” on either end, cut the rope and then do the other long side; do the short sides the same way. Then tie nautical knots at the four corners. I used the carrick bend but a square knot would look good too. For knot directions, go to: .
You could also skip the corners when doing the border and tie the knots in the empty space – I think that would look cool!

There are lots of directions/tutorials on the web about how to follow a graph. Remember, Google is your friend!

This is a fun project for intermediate to expert crocheters. The possibilities for the border are endless! Next time I think I’m going to attempt doing a crossbones border!

For questions contact you can contact me (Cathy) at

PS: Here’s some info about Bernat Glow In The Dark Yarn
Care: Machine washable and dryable on low. Content: 70% Acrylic, 30% Polyester. Put-up: 1.40 oz. Length 72 yd.

Expose to light for 5 minutes, and it will glow for 5 minutes. Pretty cool, eh matey?

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