Thursday, June 30, 2011

Okay, I'm back with thoughts of sewing rooms, saints, and religion

St. Anne teaching her daughter, Mary, to sew

Hello to all my friends out there.  I've been extremely busy - sorry I've neglected you!

My genealogy work has been so intense that I've sat at the computer for days in a daze, trying to find those elusive ancestors and throwing out those who seemed right at the time until I find yet another document that refutes the one prior.  And keeping track of all those sources...well, some days call for naps just to clear my brain!

But finally, I've gotten the bug to be more active so I've started to clear out this messy house and make a real sewing/craft room.  This will be hard, for the last one I had (before our house fire) was 40' x 25 ' with lots of light, and I thought that IT was small compared to my tailor shop which had been 1000 square feet in size.  This sewing room is a mere 12'x 12' with a 6' wide closet and only one window. 

My room really started about six months ago when I was dropped off at our local thrift store to look around while my husband and son went to Best Buy.  I usually look at the books and craft supplies and the various kitchen items.  The furniture department sometimes draws me over if I notice an old sewing machine (no, I do not need another machine!) and occassionally I will see some cute little chair or something to think about.

Well, that particular night I was drawn to a desk and matching six drawer dresser.  Not my colors, Navy and a sort of faded yellow, but very well made and sturdy.  The desk would be perfect for a sewing machine.  So I sit down right there to think about the possibilities.

Nice drawers, deep and clean.  Handles were tarnished brass which would clean up nicely.  I could put them side by side against the wall.  I could make an L shape with them, either in a corner or with one L leg protruding into the middle of the room.  Then I realized that that shape might not work with my cutting tables; I have two of them that I put end to end so that they measure 5'wide by 12' long.  Then it hits me that I wouldn't have room for two cutting tables in my new SMALL sewing room which made me very sad.  But honestly, I do believe that my days of cutting six identical bridesmaid dresses, or living room slipcovers, or drapes are over.  So I slowly relax about the loss of my cutting tables.

Glancing over at the desk and dresser again, I realized that if I put them back to back they would make a very nice, solid area to cut small projects on, a nice 5' x 5'.  They have a formica top, so no worries about needing to protect the top.  Okay, now I seeing their potential of having multiple uses.
They're getting closer to going home with me but first I have to think about their cost.

New, I'm figuring that these two pieces, new, were probably close to $300 apiece.  So the store will probably price them at $40-$50 each - not bad, but I'm no longer working and like everyone one else these days I have to watch my pennies.

So with a small request of intercession to St. Anne (who is the patron saint of seamstresses for those of you who are not Catholic), I go in search of an employee.

"How much are the navy and yellow desk and dresser?" I ask.
Sales clerk answers:  "$8.00"

Cartwheeling in my head, I say:  "I'll take them." 
And then I say mentally, "Thank you God! 
St. Anne, thanks for your help!"

Let me say that I have been "away" from the Catholic church for some years looking for other avenues of religious expression.  After fifteen years I haven't found anything that moves me spiritually as does the ritual of a High Mass, or a Novena, or talking to Jesus, His mother and the various saints.  So I'm slowly returning to the church a little wiser, less gullible, and with a renewed sense of my oneness with the Divine.

Did you know that there are saints for everything?  There are!  Somehow it makes me feel a little more positive when I make a request of Jesus and then ask one of the saints for some backup.  I figure with both of us asking God for something I need my petition might move up a notch.  The Bible says that Christ is present whenever two or more are gathered in His name...

Before I start spouting my new, modified version of being Catholic, let me finish my story.

At the register I tell the cashier what I am purchasing and she rings them  up and asks for $8.00.

I say, "You mean $16.00 - they are $8.00 each."

The cashier responds, "Yes, but today all furniture is half price."


St. Anne, we make a great team!

The story does not end there.

Yesterday was half off day at the same thrift store.  I had seen a small gray desk there that would be PERFECT for my serger.  Nice and sturdy, just needs a new leather top.  I already have the leather, just need to buy some glue.  So I ask my husband to stop by the store and, if it's still there, please buy it for me; it was originally $30,  so I could purchase it for $15.

Then, jokingly, I mentally say to St. Anne, "I'm not even asking God for this because I don't NEED the desk.  It would be nice to put in my little sewing room, but I don't NEED it so I'm NOT asking."
Now, when my husband leaves the house on a 30 minute errand you can expect him back in about an hour and a half, or two.  I don't know where he goes, or what he does, but since he's not working and we spend nearly 24 hours a day together.... seven days a week....30 hours a month.... (oh, the room is spinning thinking of ALL that time we are TOGETHER).... I figure he deserves a little time away from ME.

So now he's back two hours later, with a chainsaw (did we need that?), some weed killer and a prescription.  He seems to have had a good time, all is well.  Then he said to me, "Oh, that desk was still at the store.  I bought it and I'll pick it up tomorrow."

"Great!" I said. 

Then he turrned around and said, "By the way, the desk wasn't $15."

Me: "It wasn't on sale?"

Mike: "Yeah, but it had been marked down, so at half off it was $9"

Why did I have a feeling that St. Anne was smiling?

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